Lesson 5


Let's accompany Torben to school. In the run-up to the school trip, his teacher designed a lesson based on ESD.


What is Rockström's so-called Wedding Cake?

"The Wedding Cake", developed by the director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre Carl Folke and other scientists, implies that economic and social factors are considered embedded parts of the biosphere.

This model does not regard social, economic and environmental developments as separate parts, but regards the economy as an integral part of our society, which may develop exclusively within planetary boundaries.

The scientists see four non-negotiable planetary boundaries as the basis of a sustainable society: drinking water, the climate, biodiversity and the seas. They thus attach fundamental importance to sustainability goals 6, 13, 14 and 15.


Do it like Torben: Reveal the knowledge of the so-called "Wedding Cake" and follow the link: Wedding Cake from Rockström/Sukhdev

Bild: Explainity Lüneburg